• Join Suzanne Toro and Martina Hoffmann for an exploration of her art, mastery and wisdom. We dive into her the possible, honor, listening and freedom. About… Martina Hoffmann: “Paintings may function…

  • Sol Sunday…DharmaTalk with ‘She’ (AKA Suzanne Toro) 8 Limbs of Yoga with sound healing and silent meditation. Focus: Dharana

    Exploring Rite Action, Humanity and your gifts. Take a Pause. Listen. Focus. Sacred Life. Sacred Relations. Sacred Body.Mind.Heart.Soul.

  • Practice…Breaks Habits. Practice…Creates Neuroplastic Change. Practice Deepens your relationship with YOU!​

    Change is Certain. Yet, we resit it. We cling to our habits like a life preserver that will keep us in a state of being that feels comfortable, predictable and safe. 
    One of the reasons for this is because these patterns are engrained in the brain.

  • Feeding the dream requires attention. In a traditional dreaming practice there are ideally two attentions working together, if the practitioner has cultivated an objective awareness and recognizes that, as the observer, one can access the unknown through the second attention. The unknown assists the observer in entering into a state of presence, energy and phenomena that gives awareness beyond our conscious and subconscious reactions.

  • Join ‘She’ for a 15 minute Guided Meditation. Sound and Silence…Focus! Welcoming in the silence! Sound, Breath Practice and Silence! Re-Connecting to your Peace, Voice and Heart! Music by ‘She’ and…

  • Join Suzanne Toro for 11.11 segment on our Root. Connecting to the sacred root of Maca. Exploring clean technologies and the alchemy of food, water and shelter. Connecting communities with…