• This week we explore how the observation, pause into fluid action will serve your internal and external landscape.

    As inspired, slow down, look in and be with where your innate wisdom is directing your attention.

    Weekly talks are an offering to assist you in diving deeper into a spiritual practice, your inner landscape and cultivate inner peace.

  • Join Suzanne Toro and Kerri Kelly in an in-depth conversation around her new book, American Detox: The Myth of Wellness and How We Can Truly Heal. We find a possible…

  • BeSimply…Courage

    by admin

    During Winter, we are encouraged to release fear. The ultimate fear for most of humanity is ‘death’. During the Winter, the Hopi honor how Mother Nature releases the energy of death from the earth. The tradition is to let her rest and to be careful not to disturb her. Which would mean to not dig into, dance on, or break the earth. This is also in preparation for the spring seeds that will soon be planted.

  • To Write…To Discover

    by admin

    I love to write stories and poetry. Both inspire me to bring those words to life with my voice and digital media. These creative processes and expressions are a sacred space that I relish loosing myself in. While, the poet in me might get woven into the words of a story and the story will eventually get layered beneath the prose…the journey is what keeps me engaged.

  • ‘She’ will discuss let go of the emotions connected to alone and discover how you can rely on yourself. Liberate the mind, body and/or soul.  Find the Gap. Tools to assist you…

  • Manipulation. How to learn to stand in your own truth and avoid being manipulated and/or manipulate others. The need to control or be controlled is rooted in a base fear.…

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