• Ganesh. LoveSelf. Remove Obstacles.
     During this segment, we will explore the mind, speech and actions. Furthermore, She will share a simple practice to remove the obstacles from your daily life and from the world around us. These practices will be supportive of deepening your relationship with self and cultivating self love. In addition, She will share how Ganesh and his teachings is a helpful guide to learn from.

  • This program is designed to assist those who have struggled with maintaining a state of wellbeing
    . . . Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.

    This on-going class will equip you with the support, tools and education
    to regain wellness in all aspects of your life. We will focus on your relationship with ‘self’
    and self examine where you need to place your attention to bring yourself into harmony.
    The catalyst to unlocking your potential will be cultivating self awareness,
    compassion and understanding the significance of your relationship with ‘self’ and food. 

    An ideal opportunity for those individuals that are eager to learn how
    to care for themselves, struggle with low self worth, currently physically, emotionally or mentally
    out of balance, high levels of stress/anxiety and/or poor eating habits (which include: binge eating,
    compulsive dieting, cleanse dependency, trend food consumption, food restriction/denial
    and/or transitioning from an eating disorder program). 

  • Join Zen Master WuDe and ‘She’ as he shares wisdom about tolerance, patience, composure, listening, honoring, anger, violence, the practice of zen and practical applications.

    “If all was known, all would be forgiven.” Uncle of Wude

    Connect withe Master WuDe and the tradition of Living Tea.

  • Join ‘She’ for 54 minutes to work on the Inner Self. During this segment: ‘Our’ energy fields are sacred and precious…In this segment we explorer our energy field, how to…