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  • Migration…Nature

    by admin

    As the world turns, humanity is being asked to migrate in many different ways. During this moment of transition, there are many things to consider and new opportunities on the…

  • We will explore ‘love’ and it the powerful gifts it holds in  the heart center. These tools of breathwork, guided imagery, and wisdom will assist in clearing the heart and the mind. Ultimately, cultivating compassion, joy, peace, harmony and balance to assist us in loving ourselves from within. We reflect on nature and how it supports our life force and our collective heart energy.

  • Healthy Eating Habits. Spring Cooking. Learn how to listen to your body. Deepen your connection to yourself. The Alchemy of Food and Culture of Cooking and Dining. Engage with simple ways to interact with food, develop a new relationship with how and what you eat. Establishing Healthy Food Habits.

  • BeSimply…Harmony {LoveSelf}

    by admin

    During this segment: …Exploring the the how to cultivate and maintain harmony in your daily life. Exploring how to utilize balance to navigate a moment within our internal and external…

  • BeSimply…Sex {LoveSelf}

    by admin

    During this segment…’She’ will discuss “sex”. Educating self about sexual energy, cause and effect and how/where to start the healing process from sexual violation (misconduct) and lack of trust.

  • During this segment… ‘She’ will discuss let go of the emotions connected to alone and discover how you can rely on yourself. Liberate the mind, body and/or soul. Listen to Part 2.18…

  •   Join ‘She’ and Andriod Jones as they explore his work, truth, value, responsibility as an artist, the human form and balance. Connect with Android Jones Portfolio Boom Festival Music…

  • Join ‘Random Rab’ and ‘She’ as they explore his recent ‘Release’, the gift of the releases, his tour, water, the whales, death and ‘Mour’! Connect to Random Rab Shows Album…

  • BeSimply…Cycle{Life}

    by admin

    She will guide you through joyfully imagining your cycle of life. Thinking about our beginning and end of this life and the next life. An opportunity to explore that which is not completely known here.

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