• Join Alex Woodward and ‘She’ as they dive into Alex’s work, wisdom and encouragement to let go of your dreams. He will share why and what is on the other side of living in alignment with your highest aspect of self. In addition, he will share how trauma, is not the last loss. He will help us understand how trauma will propel you into your authentic selfless creativity.

  • Join Bethany Halbreich and ‘She’ a deeper look at a TEDxVail talk with a call to action.
    Bethany’s playful joie de vivre is contagious. She believes solutions to our greatest challenges would move forward like wildfire if more people had the resources & opportunity to embrace their own creativity. She is a TED resident, an innovation consultant for PepsiCo & founder of Paint the World. She loves the mountains, the desert, bringing people of all walks together to change pre-conceived notions & creating art that adds to life’s vibrancy.
    Watch Bethany’s TED talk here.

  • Art. Beauty. Life. Britten will share an in-depth insight into her TEDxVail Talk about Beauty. First, she will answer the question, How do artists make something from nothing? Britten paints…

  • Kailyn Forsberg from TEDx Vail shares the value of honesty, the deeper meaning of life, how to cultivate compassion, tolerance and truthfulness with self and others. In addition, she guides all of us to remember that we are humans anyways. Kailyn encourages us to consider relating to one and another with humanity.

  •  Give as You GO + Disconnect to Connect. Join ‘She’ and Yesmeen Scamahorn as they dive deeper into the wisdom she shared in her TEDxVail talk. Yesmeen was lead to…