• This week we explore how the observation, pause into fluid action will serve your internal and external landscape.

    As inspired, slow down, look in and be with where your innate wisdom is directing your attention.

    Weekly talks are an offering to assist you in diving deeper into a spiritual practice, your inner landscape and cultivate inner peace.

  • BeSimply…Stone{Sober}

    by admin

    I am sober. I realized that one action I took in my adolescence lead me down a path that would take me several decades to retrace, remember and truly understand what was at stake in one moment. I had an opportunity to master an aspect of ‘self’ and liberate myself beyond a facade of my inner work…

  • BeSimply…Truth in LOVE

    by admin

    A message from Blue Star: “Blessings to you and your loved ones! I send out Love from my core as we continue this global transition together! Today as I was…