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  • While, we have been trained to look to the calendar for the fixed date in space that declares Spring is here (or any season). Yet, Mother Nature is the one…

  • BeSimply…Joy {LoveSelf}

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    During the Spring, Wood energy is literally and figuratively rising.  The emotion behind the season is ANGER. Which can be caused by stagnation and unexpressed emotions that lead us to ANGER.  One of the best remedies to for anger is KINDNESS.  Any act of kindness cultivates JOY. As inspired, practice kindness and cultivate some JOY! Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect to Self? ‘She’ will share how to cultivate JOY.  Parables shared…Walk through a guided…

  • Food Alchemy with ‘She’…Winter Tea. Are you tired of consuming foods based on trends? Are you eating foods because you want a specific outcome? Do you want to learn how…

  • Guided meditation and mantra practice…A meditation attuning to your heart center.
    As we explore the heart center, you will become present with the emotions and energy that is moving in and out of your heart center. This meditation is an opportunity to clear the heart and open it up.

  • Join ‘She’ and Robin Youngblood for a special meditation, call for healing and prayer. Robin will share here recent experiences with the mudslides in Washington State, how to help and remembering other areas of the world that have been effected to similar disasters. Then we connect to the Grandmother Tree and call for global healing for all beings on this beautiful planet earth.

  • Mindfulness is something that is remembered. 
    It can not begin to be understood until you remember it. It is very popular term and idea in meditation “pop culture”. 
    Everyone is encouraging others to be mindful to play mindful; yet, that is not mindfulness. It is what is remembered in meditation and cannot be put into words; however, once it is remember one can begin to integrated the principles and understandings into your present state of being. This is because you begin to realize the interdependent and true nature of cause and effect and your part in it. 
    Then, the mind is blown and you start practicing being mindful. ~’She

  • Respect Yourself. Food Alchemy and Well Being. An opportunity to start taking care of you. We are swiftly moving into summer season (in North America). Summer encourages you to move…

  • Join Stephan Schwartz as he shares an anthropologic view of how social outcome data can lead us to foster change that cultivates well being. Stephan takes us through a deeper look at the 8 Laws of Change.

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