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    During the Spring, Wood energy is literally and figuratively rising.  The emotion behind the season is ANGER. Which can be caused by stagnation and unexpressed emotions that lead us to ANGER.  One of the best remedies to for anger is KINDNESS.  Any act of kindness cultivates JOY. As inspired, practice kindness and cultivate some JOY! Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect to Self? ‘She’ will share how to cultivate JOY.  Parables shared…Walk through a guided…

  • Join Thomas Ardavany & Suzanne Toro on JoyScore Live. We have special guests Christine Mullholland and Malcom McAllister. We will showcase Generation Awakening and Malcom McAllister, Golden Glove winner. In this segment of Generation Awakening…Going for the Gold we will explore what is possible when we do right by others and self. First, Christine will share her passion for raising awareness about the endangered species, animals and the environment. She will reveal how her compassionate heart has been the driving force for her life’s work and way of being in the world. Next, Malcom McAllister will share his great inner fight with himself, his love for boxing and the opportunity to server others. He humble reveals the simple practice of being at peace.

  • Anger. Kindness. Forgiveness.
    ‘She’ will discuss connecting to Anger. Finding the balance with being in the world and being of service to it. Learn how to express anger. Learn how to responded to to anger internally and externally. Learn how to manage it within self and from others?

  • Join Zen Master WuDe and ‘She’ as he shares wisdom about tolerance, patience, composure, listening, honoring, anger, violence, the practice of zen and practical applications.

    “If all was known, all would be forgiven.” Uncle of Wude

    Connect withe Master WuDe and the tradition of Living Tea.

  • During this segment…’She’ will discuss connecting to release anger! Finding the balance to being in the world and being of service to it. Tools to assist you on your journey with…

  • During this segment…’She’ will discuss connecting to your highest self. Finding the balance to being in the world and being of service to it. Tools to assist you on your journey…