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  • We will explore ‘love’ and it the powerful gifts it holds in  the heart center. These tools of breathwork, guided imagery, and wisdom will assist in clearing the heart and the mind. Ultimately, cultivating compassion, joy, peace, harmony and balance to assist us in loving ourselves from within. We reflect on nature and how it supports our life force and our collective heart energy.

  • Anger. Kindness. Forgiveness.
    ‘She’ will discuss connecting to Anger. Finding the balance with being in the world and being of service to it. Learn how to express anger. Learn how to responded to to anger internally and externally. Learn how to manage it within self and from others?

  • Liberate the mind, body and/or soul. (Part II) Listen to Part One click here.

    Find the Gap. Tools to assist you on your journey with music from around the world to inspire inward wisdom to ripple up from within. Attune, Align, and take a few steps FORWARD! These segments are perfect for anyone walking through a life transition, suffering from PTSD, anxiety, stress, any ‘dis’ease, wanting to transform and authentically explore and align your inner landscape.

  • During this segment: Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect to Self? We will explore the releasing of anxiety. How to live from as stress free center. Parables shared…Walk through…

  • Join ‘She’ for a segment explore living and loving from the INside OUT!

    She will share a parable, take you through a guided imagery to reveal more about ‘self’, and inspire you with some simple practices for everyday living.

  • BeSimply…Giving {Heart}

    by admin

    -Shel Silverstein Connect to the heart, the breath and the ‘Giving Hand’ with ‘She’. Click (HERE) to Listen “now” or in the NEXT. During this segment: Join ‘She’ for a…

  • Shining a LIGHT on those in Service {share with ‘she’ ones that you love}: |Casa De Paz | Global Tea Hut {The Center…Life Meets Life}…connect to the community | Tree Life…

  • Episode 1 During this segment: The Sacred Feminine and Masculine…Finding BALANCE…In this segment we explore finding balance. We will explore how we embody respect for self and with others. Especially…

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