cause and effect

  • You Are, Therefore I AM…Take Responsibility for you. With the RISE of MANY MOVEments…We are all being given an invitation to step back and objectively observe the bigger picture. Employ…

  • Take Action. Moving from feelings… to our emotions into ACTION. Learn how we can feel, emote and then move into action for the benefit of self and others. Learn how to moving into clear action.

  • BeSimply…Emotions{LoveSelf}

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    Feelings give all of us an indicator of the energy that is rising up internally and externally. It is possible to practice feeling into each moment before you think, speak…

  • Inner peace is cultivated by examining one’s inner landscape (aka soul) in meditation, contemplation and studies. External peace is created by feeding the world with inner peace. It is a practice. Peace can be fed into every moment and activity. If inspired, ‘Look In!’.

  • During this segment…’She’ will discuss “socialization”. Educating self about how to socialize, evaluate the cause and effect engaging with the world around you and how to cultivate face to face relationships. Moving beyond the screens and false facades.