• A meditation that will help you connect deeper to your compassionate heart. We will take a guided, mystical journey into the VOID.

  • BeSimply…Naked {Poetry}

    by admin

    Naked Poetry from Bare Naked Bliss was my way of foreshadowing what is going to be revealed in the upcoming chapter or within the next passage. The use of metaphors…

  • We will explore ‘love’ and it the powerful gifts it holds in  the heart center. These tools of breathwork, guided imagery, and wisdom will assist in clearing the heart and the mind. Ultimately, cultivating compassion, joy, peace, harmony and balance to assist us in loving ourselves from within. We reflect on nature and how it supports our life force and our collective heart energy.

  • Kindness and Compassion matters. We will dive into how to get out of the way of you. First, ‘she’ will establish how to authentically be kind to yourself. Second, ‘she’ will share…

  • Join ‘She’ for a 15 minute Guided Meditation. Sound and Silence…Jai Ma! Compassion! Exploring the “Cosmic Mother”! Welcoming in the silence! Sound, Breath Practice and Silence! Re-Connecting to your Peace, Voice…

  • Join ‘She’ and Cynthia Luce as they explore her book, Invisible Girl, wisdom and compassion for those impacted by not being seen.

    Cynthia has shared, “If you are not willing to look at the problem, then you are part of it.”

  • Join ‘She’ and Christina Lundberg as they discuss the story behind her film “For the Benefit of all Beings the Life of His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche. Christina shares the treasure that is discovered when self grasping dissolves. The possibility within living life from non-dualistic perspective and loving all beings with equanimity in our heart…perfecting wisdom and compassion.

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