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  • If you have gone through any sort of trauma as a child, teen and/or as an adult, more than likely you have or are suffering from what is called arrested development. From the outside, others might judge you and call you immature; however, if they knew your back story they might realize that you could be stuck in developmental arrest.  Typically, if you are suffering from arrested development, you cannot see or help yourself from staying locked into a certain developmental age.

  • A simple way to shift your state of being is to be in service. When you redirect your attention to kind actions without expectations for something in return, your entire state of being will shift. That which is occupying your heart, mind, body and soul will suddenly be ‘UP’ lifted. Everyday
    As inspired, take a few moments today to give a random, anonymous act of kindness.

  • One’s lack of ‘self’ worth, sense of belonging and/or an external grasping is what creates disharmony within self.  The most profound way to start investigating the roots of where you need to bring self into balance and cultivate harmony is to understand why you matter. Once, you understand why, where and how you matter to the world around you; you will be inspired to take care of your mind, body, heart and soul. In addition, the ripple will give you greater awareness with how and why to engage with the world around you.

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    ‘She’ will explore with parents to be to discover how to have a deeper connection with your baby during pregnancy.