• The sounds of nature will help you everywhere you engage with the elements around you. If your emotions, mind, body and/or soul, are creating some internal and external turbulence, take…

  • Feeding the dream requires attention. In a traditional dreaming practice there are ideally two attentions working together, if the practitioner has cultivated an objective awareness and recognizes that, as the observer, one can access the unknown through the second attention. The unknown assists the observer in entering into a state of presence, energy and phenomena that gives awareness beyond our conscious and subconscious reactions.

  • “Spider Woman…reminding us to live the dream. You decide where you want to place your attention!” ~She
    In the simplest form one can take the time to reflect on the cause and effect in every situation and take note how important the precision and attention to detail in the final outcome of anything that is created. Nature illustrates through color, texture, light, sound, patterns, smells and tastes the endless opportunities that are possible within each moment, creation, art form and vision. It is up to each self to discern where and when to place their attention and the process will determine how long one will have to hold it there.”

  • During this segment we will explore how to engage with life for the benefit of the whole and the indivual self’s evolution. Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect…

  • BeSimply…Engage {Dream}

    by admin

    Join ‘She’ for a segment an exploration on how to engage in your dreams. ‘She’ will share how and why you might ‘BE’ inspired to engage in your dreams. Shining a…

  • Unlocking One’s Psyche with a Question & Accessing the Collective Mind

    By planting a seed (aka asking a question) before going to sleep, one can begin to see the true nature of a situation as it is related to the subconscious mind. The potential purpose of this is to gain clarity; however, discernment is required with how one decides to inquire within the collective mind.

  • Join ‘She’ for a segment where she will continue to inspire the mind’s eye to imagine and ‘she’ will share the importance and significance of ‘our dreams.’ Simple practices to live, explore and inspire the dream.

  • BeSimply…Dream {Refine}

    by admin

    Join ‘She’ for a segment where she will inspire the mind’s eye to imagine and ‘she’ will share the importance and significance of ‘our dreams.’ How to track, decode and utilize…

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