• Suzanne Toro · BeSimply…Integrity Flow HERE {Sol. Silence. Sound} Sol Sunday…DharmaTalk with ‘She’ (AKA Suzanne Toro) Integrity. As we dive into the Solar Plexus (Father Energy). We will explore how…

  • Join Alex Woodward and ‘She’ as they dive into Alex’s work, wisdom and encouragement to let go of your dreams. He will share why and what is on the other side of living in alignment with your highest aspect of self. In addition, he will share how trauma, is not the last loss. He will help us understand how trauma will propel you into your authentic selfless creativity.

  • Forgive Self, Forgive Others and Be Free. We will be explore the authentic practice of forgiveness. When we release ‘self’ and others we create an opening for healing, transformation and clear forward moving.

  • xplore our self worth, How to reconnect to ‘self’, Walk through a self-empowerment visualization and meditation. This will assist you in BEing…YOU!
    Learn how to recognize the patterns of self sabotage. Recognize and welcome in your own ‘self’ worth through self respect and dignity.

  • “Spider Woman…reminding us to live the dream. You decide where you want to place your attention!” ~She
    In the simplest form one can take the time to reflect on the cause and effect in every situation and take note how important the precision and attention to detail in the final outcome of anything that is created. Nature illustrates through color, texture, light, sound, patterns, smells and tastes the endless opportunities that are possible within each moment, creation, art form and vision. It is up to each self to discern where and when to place their attention and the process will determine how long one will have to hold it there.”

  • BeSimply…Engage {Dream}

    by admin

    Join ‘She’ for a segment an exploration on how to engage in your dreams. ‘She’ will share how and why you might ‘BE’ inspired to engage in your dreams. Shining a…

  • During this segment…’She’ will discuss your inner fire energy. Honoring your ‘flame’ cultivating a harmonious conversation between the elements of water and fire. Between the creation energy, flow and purpose.…