• Join ‘She’ and Mikki Sage as they celebrate her new book, “An Undeniable Force of Nature, Women and Poetry”. She will share her inspirations during the creation process and how she learned to bring this book to the world.

  • Robert Sturman…The subject of two New York Times articles, Robert Sturman’s art captures the timeless grace and embodied mindfulness of asana. A dedicated yoga practitioner himself, Sturman’s work has increasingly gestured at something beyond the physical, something transcendent. His stunning repertoire runs the gamut from yogis perched on rocks surrounded by the Pacific ocean, to African orphans practicing yoga in Kenya, to breast cancer survivors, bare-chested and scarred.

  • Energy moves Passages Open… Impermanence Change Births Continue… Poppies Arrive Remembrance finds Freedom… Fields Expand Mind Yields to Emptiness… Cosmic Dance reveal A Map without reason… A soul’s eternal side…