• BeSimply…Joy {LoveSelf}

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    During the Spring, Wood energy is literally and figuratively rising.  The emotion behind the season is ANGER. Which can be caused by stagnation and unexpressed emotions that lead us to ANGER.  One of the best remedies to for anger is KINDNESS.  Any act of kindness cultivates JOY. As inspired, practice kindness and cultivate some JOY! Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect to Self? ‘She’ will share how to cultivate JOY.  Parables shared…Walk through a guided…

  • Anger. Kindness. Forgiveness.
    ‘She’ will discuss connecting to Anger. Finding the balance with being in the world and being of service to it. Learn how to express anger. Learn how to responded to to anger internally and externally. Learn how to manage it within self and from others?

  • A simple way to shift your state of being is to be in service. When you redirect your attention to kind actions without expectations for something in return, your entire state of being will shift. That which is occupying your heart, mind, body and soul will suddenly be ‘UP’ lifted. Everyday
    As inspired, take a few moments today to give a random, anonymous act of kindness.

  • Kindness and Compassion matters. We will dive into how to get out of the way of you. First, ‘she’ will establish how to authentically be kind to yourself. Second, ‘she’ will share…

  • Join ‘She’ for the GivingTree. She will connect you to your heart and hands. Exploring the art of giving and receiving. Shining a light on those who have exploring living a life of service and sustainability…